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Clacton Centre: 01255 688 896

Colchester Centre: 01206 570 700

Stanway Centre: 01206 571 846

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If you think that your child could benefit from learning support outside school, we can tailor a course of tuition to suit their needs.


We can provide extension work to challenge gifted students and exam skills to help students prepare for exams, as well as support for students with additional learning needs.

We can help your child achieve grades that truly reflect their ability.

From pre-school to secondary school, Ace Tuition is here to help.


Clacton Centre: 01255 688 896

Colchester Centre: 01206 570 700

Stanway Centre: 01206 571 846

Here at Ace Tuition we closely monitor your child's progress and offer reassessment after 4-5 months.


Lessons range fro 60-80 minutes, which allow for a variety of teaching methods to be used, including computer based work to motivate the student. We specialise in teaching English, Maths, reading and spelling, ensuring all students understand the basic concepts in both subjects.


Achievement is natural and fun; make sure your child gets the most out of their education with our tuition.

Try our Home Learning package

Now you can improve your child's literacy, numeracy and subject skills from home with our online tutoring package.

Tailored tuition for individual learners.

Tutoring courses with

Ace Tuition

- Maths tutoring for 11+

- Literacy for learners

- Secondary school tutoring

- English as an additional language


As well as these we offer extension programs; we understand each student has a different level of ability. To help those who want to push themselves a little harder, we arrange extra programs. Arrange a free consultation today.

From SATs preparation to GCSE, tutoring courses in Essex

Structured programmes to support your child

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