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Stanway Centre: 01206 571 846

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Learning with Ace Tuition

Specialising in tuition for children of all abilities, from ages 6-16, we provide professional, personal tutoring covering all key subjects, to assist your child learning.


From equations in Maths to quotations in English, we are here to make learning fun as well as educational and our team of teachers cater each session to your child's needs.


We carry out FREE assessments to identify any weaknesses (and strengths!) which then allows us to carefully put together the perfect leaning plan for your child and maximise progress every step of the way.

- Preparation for SATs, G.S.C.Es and entrance exams

- Part of the Association of Professional Tuition Centres

- FREE initial assessment

- Dedicated Get Ready For School Programme available

- Lessons and tutoring tailored to your child's learning style

- Online study programmes

- Lessons running from 60 to 80 minutes

- Exam Centre

- Special programmes for home schooled students

- 11+ preparation programmes




Find a qualified tutor to support your child's learning

Does your child need a little extra help with Maths, English or Science? Looking for one on one assistance for your little learner? You can count on Ace Tuition.

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